Cheating had been a recurrent theme in MendonA§aa€™s lyrics

Cheating had been a recurrent theme in MendonA§aa€™s lyrics

Unfaithfulness was a recurrent theme in MendonA§aa€™s words, and very few performers dared are since straightforward as she was a student in a€?Amante nA?o tem Lar.a€? She conveys the frustration to be put in next place, when you look at the the majority of devastating means. Therea€™s also commentary associated with the bias encountered by feamales in extramarital issues: a€?The rates we pay is that Ia€™ll never be truly loved / no one respects myself within urban area.a€?

a€?De Quem A© a Culpaa€?

Compelling vocals and capacity to write heartbreaking lyricsa€”MendonA§a got all materials of a fantastic ballad manufacturer. a€?De Quem A© a Culpa?a€? is one of those career-defining ballads. Ita€™s certainly one of MendonA§aa€™s most memorable vocal activities and words: a€?who happen to be you, which We dona€™t see anymore? / I fell deeply in love with the thing I formulated about you.a€?

a€?Cuida Bem Delaa€? by Henrique & Juliano

Couple of instances in sertanejo musical had guys sung to other males about girls with the a lot regard and kindness like in a€?Cuida Bem Dela,a€? take good care of the girl. Within this tune, men sings to his ex-girlfrienda€™s present partner, asking your to produce her happier in many ways which he couldna€™t. The emotion is actually considered inside the intense explanation in the duo Henrique & Juliano, but additionally on simple details, such as for instance in the lyric: a€?She likes once you pay attention to the lady locks.a€? Ita€™s no surprise MendonA§a most likely the authors of your song. Creating from perspective of a€?the 3rd wheela€? without sounding cheesy isn’t any smooth chore, but she always made it happen majestically.

a€?Todo Mundo Vai Sofrera€?

Angst and heartbreak designated MendonA§aa€™s songwriting, but she additionally had the special power to generate a joke from this lady discomfort. a€?Todo mundo vai sofrer,a€? everybodya€™s planning endure, is among those music where this woman is equivalent components unhappy and amusing. MendonA§a jokes about a situation where lots of folks are in love, but not one together: a€?The one I want really doesna€™t need me/ The one who wants me, we dona€™t would like them/ No onea€™s gonna suffer alone/ Everybodya€™s gonna sustain.a€?


Feminine followers about MendonA§a because she sang about womena€™s thinking like few other. In addition, she talked every truths people performedna€™t want to hear but needed seriously to. Eg, in a€?Superaa€? (overcome they), MendonA§a tells a lady pal that she is deserving of better: a€?Promise myself that energy youra€™ll inform [him] no/ From one lady to a different, conquer it.a€?

a€?Melhor Sozinhaa€? with LuA­sa Sonza

MendonA§a got functional concise that she matched several other types besides sertanejo. She worked with many different huge names in Brazilian sounds, from MPB legend girl Costa to funk carioca queen Anitta. In a€?Melhor Sozinha,a€? she joins vocalist and songwriter LuA­sa Sonza. While Sonza provides a star top-notch her very own as well as the tune is entitled a€?Better away solo,a€? MendonA§aa€™s involvement renders all the difference. Sonzaa€™s trap-inspired design integrates completely with MendonA§aa€™s sertanejo style.

a€?Todo universo Menos VocA?a€? with Maiara & MaraA­sa

MendonA§aa€™s last efforts was actually As Patroas, an organization she established with her company and songwriting couples Maiara and MaraA­sa. a€?Todo Mundo Menos VocA?a€? is just one of the greatest collaborations from venture, with MendonA§a delivering a fantastic overall performance. The lyrics relate with people trying to become a much better people after a breakup, writing on nevertheless lacking her previous fan regardless of the split: a€?I read my personal session/ But in which are you currently to give Lancaster escort sites me personally applause?/ If every person views simply how much effort Ia€™m creating, the reason why dona€™t your?a€? MendonA§a might missing, however the finally we heard of the girl is just like some of this lady most useful.